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Meet Julia and her team at our Outdoor Theatre productions

The skills of the young volunteers who form the meet and greet team for the Lytham Hall open air plays have been warmly praised as pivotal to the success of the events. The new season opens on Sunday 17 June with Louisa Alcott's Little Women.

Julia Munro, 19, from Lytham and her friends have the task of welcoming the audience arriving for the open air shows on Lytham Hall’s north lawn.

Meg Hargreaves from the Friends of Lytham Hall believes that the approach of the unpaid young meet and greet team is just right.

“They are particularly skilled at making newcomers feel at home and creating a very personal and warm atmosphere amongst the audience. The two hours before the play starts are always hectic, so it is wonderful to be able to rely on them doing their work with such efficiency and good humour.”

Julia who has just completed her first year at Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts feels that the work has given her much personal confidence.

“I began at Lytham Hall with a week of work experience five years ago and each summer I have been given more and more responsibility at the plays. It’s very important always to have a smile and to answer every query positively” she said.

Julian Wilde, organiser of the outdoor season is grateful for the enthusiasm of Julia and the friends she has recruited for the meet and greet team.

“Julia did a wonderful job as part of our presentation team at the finals of the Lancashire Tourist Awards last autumn and she leads the young volunteers with skill and diplomacy. Her team are one of the keys to the success of each event.”

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