Animal Hub


The animal hub is open. 

Welcome to Lytham Hall's animal hub. You can help by adopting one of our rescued animals.

By adopting one of our four legged friends, you are helping us keep our pigs Max, Macbeth & Watson, and our Rabbits Henry & Avia, and also Bogie & Toby who are our mischievous goats in the lifestyle to which they have recently become accustomed. 


Please pop into our estate office for your animal adoption pack.


Our pigs have come from the Pigs Inn Heaven sanctuary over in Littleborough, near Rochdale where the wonderful Janet and her team save hundreds of pet pigs who have outgrown their homes or circumstances have changed.


Our pigmy goats were rescued from Bolton and have been kindly sponsored by Danielle, a local lady & animal lover.

All our rescue rabbits have come from Durham where the wonderful Dawn and her team save hundreds of Rabbits who have outgrown their homes or circumstances have changed.

Animal Fact Files


Say hello to our new girls!


Today we picked up some ex-battery hens to join the other animals here at the Hall. These girls have experienced freedom for the first time in their life and we are thrilled to give them a chance.

Bring your kiddies to say hi very soon. Elsie's hen house is situated off our alfresco tea lawn right outside the estate office and cafe area (back to back to the piggeries).

Adoption/sponsor packs will cost for just £10 & will be available soon, which goes towards the upkeep and care of these recue birds. An adoption/sponsor pack makes an ideal gift or stocking filler.

A very special thankyou must go to Tracy Manning who sponsored the purchase of our special wooden hen pod. Named in memory of her mum - Elsie.




Our seven year old black boar is quite a handful when it comes to playtime. However his best friend Paddy keeps him in line.

Max loves food almost as much as he loves sleeping. which means he tends to be a regular visitor to weight watchers.

Despite his large size, he loves playing in his pool in the summer and being cuddled in the winter. All in all his large size makes him the most snuggly pig of the lot.




All hail Macbeth!

Everyone meet the world's most stubborn pig, this Gloucester old spot is the last out for playtime and first in for food.

Our only bachelor piggy shares his residence with Watson, our most timid pig. However, when Macbeth steps out of line, Watson is the first to let him know.

Although they both argue like an old married couple, they love to share both their meals & treats. During the winter months, they cuddle up for warmth, often only emerging from the sty covered in straw.




Our only female piggy, at 6 years old, she is the youngest and most shy pig.

Keeping herself to herself is what she does best, but if you watch her long enough being the only girl has its benefits.

Watson has all the boys chasing after her, keeping them all on their toes and in line.  Her favourite is Paddy, being the biggest, we're not surprised!

When she has finished flirting, Macbeth always welcomes her back for tea time. Were they both love munching on apples, carrots and strawberries before sleeping out in the sun.




The houdini of the goat world, he loves nothing more than a unsupervised adventure. He is a true escape artist, so it's needless to say he gives both staff & volunteers the runaround.

Toby is a huge fan of oranges, but only in moderation. Although he adores having his head scratch and cuddles even more.

He enjoys evening walks with his brother bogie through the Lytham hall historic parkland.





Our one year old pygmy goat adores cuddles & kisses. He is a true master of the ' puppy eyes ' to ensure he gets as much attention as possible.

Bogie looks up to his troublesome brother Toby, but he also tries to keep him in line. They enjoy special treats of carrots an the occasional orange slice




Henry is one very gentle giant who likes to live peacefully alongside his wife Avia. Henry loves nothing more than sharing a big bowl of berries with Avia and running through his play tunnel.




Avia Is one very special big girl who adores her husband Henry.  She spends everyday taking care of Henry.  She makes sure he is always warm by cuddling up to him &

grooming him.