Heritage Trust for the North West (Charity Number: 508300) is a Building Preservation Trust registered with the Architectural Heritage Fund.  Its aims are to restore and find appropriate new uses for Buildings at Risk in the North West.  Its headquarters are at Higherford Mill (Grade II) near Nelson, which it saved from demolition a decade ago; the Mill featured in the BBC TV's 'Restoration' series in 2006.

The Trust’s first project was the formation of Pendle Heritage Centre in 1977, at the time only the fourth Heritage Centre in the United Kingdom.  Today it attracts over 100,000 visitors per annum.

Initially the Trust carried out projects across Lancashire, working in most of the 13 Boroughs.  In 1996 it merged with the North West Building Preservation Trust and has since developed projects across the region in Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cumbria.

It has formed two trading companies which generate funds for the Charity to create a sustainable social enterprise.

The Trust is a registered charity (No. 1000098) and was established in 1990 with the broad objects of the preservation and protection of all buildings of architectural or historic interest in Lytham and the provision of facilities for the community.

The Trust's first project was to lease from Fylde Borough Council the developed former Baths, Theatre and Assembly Rooms of 1862, originally the property of the Clifton family of Lytham Hall, to manage the remaining Assembly Rooms. When Lytham Hall came on the market in 1996 the Trust faced its biggest challenge, but a gift of £1 million from British Aerospace ensured its purchase, together with 78 acres of surrounding Parkland. This project has been the Trust's main concern for the last decade and has attracted other partners, notably the Heritage Trust for the North West, which, in 1998, took over the management of Lytham Hall on a 99 year lease.



The two Trusts work closely together through the Lytham Hall Executive, which comprises two Trustees from each Trust, which oversees the strategic management of the estate.