Potholes repairs

Glad to say we have managed to repair lots of potholes on the drive . Many thanks to Trustee Steve Williams and his brother Phil Williams for working so hard plus two others. Social distancing guidelines being practiced at all times. If you do want to make a small donation to the charity please see the donation section on the Home page.

New rooms on display

We had the biggest year ever planned for tours and exhibitions, however coronavirus put a stop to that for the time being! We have so much for you to feast your eyes on when we eventually reopen. Such as: the Military Hospital Exhibition, the John Talbot Clifton Exhibition (now complete with stunning uniforms), the Priory Exhibition, and the Jacobean Bedroom, but here is an insight into one in particular. HENRY TALBOT de VERE CLIFTON'S SITTING ROOM This is one of our new rooms on display for the 2020 season which was scheduled to open at Easter. The last Squire of Lytham Hall was better known as Harry and was the eldest of five children. His father was Squire John Talbot Clifton (the explor

Repair works

Whilst we have been closed we have still been busy where we can. Work has commenced on the worst part of the drive. Customers have complained for ages about this particular stretch, but with one of the wettest winters on record it was impossible to tackle it whilst flooded. There are many areas of the drive that need a great deal of attention, but this particular section was by far the worst. We will hopefully get onto further resurfacing when funds allow. Many thanks to the Friends of Lytham Hall for funding this large repair to our drive.

Antiques Roadshow

Don't forget to watch us on TV tonight! Our second episode of the Antiques Roadshow is being broadcast tonight at 8pm after the Queen's speech. A little ray of sunshine at the moment!

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