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In the past weeks Lytham Hall has been suffering from a spate of vandalism, which is growing in intensity. It started with bins thrown over, signs wrecked, the scarecrows in the newly established kitchen garden decapitated and landscape features damaged, but more recently Hall officials came to find their East lawn was used as a driving range, with the hall’s historic windows used for target practice. Around 100 balls were picked up from the lawn, and several had made their way into the house, destroying over 10 window panes in the process.

Marianne Blaauboer, activity plan officer at Lytham Hall, was close to tears on discovery of the mindless destruction. She said: “To think that this lawn was the setting of Lytham Club Day not more than a few weeks ago, where thousands enjoyed this great setting. Now, a handful of vandals are endangering the future of Lytham’s hidden gem by causing serious criminal damage. The police have been informed and we’re stepping up security measures. Whoever has done this, will be bragging about it to friends. We ask them to come forward and stop hiding in the shadows. If you have heard anything that may lead to the apprehension of the culprits, please get in touch with us or with the police.”

Lytham Hall will open to the public for guided tours as per usual, though some rooms may be off limits for the time being, amongst which the newly established Guardian room, depicting the history of the insurance company at Lytham Hall.

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