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Teamwork is the name of the game says a young actress who will be at Lytham Hall for the final outdoor play of the summer next Sunday afternoon August 23.

Katherine Lunney will be the spotlight in Illyria’s production of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice where she will be doubling up as the all-knowing housekeeper Mrs. Potts and the quirky Bobbadobba.

Katherine, who has a first class degree in drama from Birmingham University and a masters’ distinction from the Guildford School of Acting, has revelled in working with the cast of six.

"With the demands of this show being so great I'm pleased Illyria put together such a cohesive team. The six of us get along brilliantly offstage and they're a joy to perform alongside on stage."

Katherine feels that her role, in a production inventively devised by Illyria’s artistic director Oliver Gray, is of the most rewarding of her career.

“I am in love with Mrs Potts. To all appearances she is dappy and adds comedy to the show. However, she is a complex, strong and shrewd woman whom I've enjoyed creating, as this is the first time Illyria's The Sorcerer's Apprentice has ever been performed. "

Illyria come to Lytham Hall towards the end of an extensive tour which has taken them to 75 different open air venues for 87 performances in 133 days throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Holland over the four summer months.

“This is Illyria's biggest set, so we've all built up strength & muscle setting it all up! The show involves around 200 litres of water – it’s impressive - and therefore we all get very wet during the show. So far this summer we've been fortunate to have only a handful of shows where the audience have gotten wet too. Fingers crossed our luck holds out for Lytham."

Further details at, get your tickets by phone 01253 736652

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