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Volunteers are making it happen

An army of volunteers are on the march in Lytham to make the first open air play of the summer at Lytham Hall a spectacular success.

With just ten days to go to Chapterhouse Theatre Company’s production of Jane Eyre on Sunday 14 June, Linda Salter, lead volunteer at Lytham Hall, has been busy finding a host of helpers to deal with ticket sales, car parking and meeting and greeting. She is aiming to provide a first-class experience for open air theatre enthusiasts.

“The creation of the atmosphere for an open air play is very important. We want people to feel welcome as soon as they arrive in our beautiful setting. I have to fit the skills of our Volunteers to the varied jobs which need to be done and to engender a strong sense of teamwork,” she said.

The work of the Volunteers is complemented by members of the Friends of Lytham Hall who will be providing refreshments and a licensed bar for the audience. Gates will open at 4.00 and many are expected to arrive for picnics prior to the performance of Jane Eyre which begins at 6.00.

Julian Wilde, organiser of the outdoor season, is delighted with the assistance he is receiving as the first play approaches.

"The professional staff at Lytham Hall – Simon Thorpe, Marianne Blaauboer, Amy Hannan, Cath Plant and Jane Oliver – have done a wonderful job in setting up the season and now an army of helpers come in to their own.

Each play is a true pop-up event as we move from an empty patch of grass to a top quality arena and an audience of 500 people in just a few hours. This year the lawn and surroundings are in especially good condition, thanks to the efforts of head groundsman John Norcross and the grounds volunteers.

This is Lytham people at their very best and I think we can look forward to a splendid start to the season.”

Tickets at £13, with concessions at £10/£6.50, are on sale now on Chapterhouse’s own website at

and locally from Lytham Hall phone 01253 736652: Plackitt and Booth, Booksellers, Lytham 796958: Lowther Pavilion 794221: Stringers Department Store and Stringers Homelife, 740700: Bennetts Bakers, Ansdell 736318: Storytellers Inc St. Annes, 781690 : Silverdell Books Kirkham 01772 683444

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