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Photo by Mick Ellison

Lytham Hall’s open air theatre programme has the support of four new Patrons from the local business community for the 2021 summer season.

Bosco Restaurant in Lytham’s piazza, Will & Ward Boutique and Millie and Mini Soy Wax Candles in Clifton Street, together with car dealership Lexus, Preston are all giving their support to the expanded programme of plays at the Hall which opens with a production of Macbeth by The Lord Chamberlain’s Men on Friday June 18.

From a base of just five Patrons and three plays in 2010 this year’s programme is being supported by 25 Patrons , with seven performances being staged in the summer months.

Theatre organiser Julian Wilde is delighted that the Patrons are still willingly maintaining their interest and support after three lengthy lockdowns.

“The enthusiasm of the Patrons when they learned that the season is going ahead is a real boost to the morale of the team of volunteers who help at each open air play.

The return of Steve Royle as Dan Leno, following his Britain’s Got Talent success, has been especially welcomed.

We now have a diverse variety of local businesses and community groups behind us and it is a pleasure for me to welcome our four new Patrons on board.”

Beth Ward from the Will & Ward Boutique is excited to be joining the team of Patrons.

“I know everyone is so keen to meet up with friends and family again and going to a play together at Lytham Hall on a summer evening with a picnic is a treat to look forward to. We are more than happy to lend our support.”

Peter Anthony, manager at Lytham Hall, feels that the support of the Patrons is a significant part of the steadily-growing success and popularity of the open air play seasons which have raised £50,000 for the restoration of the Hall since 2010.

“ Lytham prides itself on all its independent shops, restaurants and long-established family-owned businesses and it is very pleasing to be working with so many of them in this way in support of Lytham Hall. They are the cornerstone of our progress. ”

Details of the season and online tickets


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