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The cafe is stripped and ready for its full refurbishment. Many thanks to all the staff and volunteers who stayed back to clear the cafe and take everything apart, put into storage and clean down - it was a great group effort and we all smashed it in no time!

Whilst the cafe refurbishment takes place, we will be operating our cafe area from the sheltered inner courtyard. We have added lots more seating and of course, there are wall heaters too. There is also the added benefit of the alfresco benches adjacent to the garden area if the weather is fine - in fact, the forecast is good for the week ahead. Our kitchen areas are not being disturbed and are still functional, so you can just order your food and beverages in the courtyard and the order will be brought to your table. The staff will certainly get their steps in this week! We will be operating a smaller menu over the forthcoming week while the works take place.

Here's to great new look for the forthcoming season - and don't worry, it will not be losing its charm!


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