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Open Air Theatre at Lytham Hall

Open air theatre made a triumphant return to Lytham Hall on Sunday as Illyria drew full houses to their two performances of The Wind in the Willows.

200 spectators at each show, seated in socially distanced bubbles, cheered the energetic and entertaining performances by Illyria who travelled to Lytham as part of a six week summer tour.

Julian Wilde, organiser of the open air theatre at Lytham Hall, felt that it was a unique occasion.

“I think that family and friends were simply delighted to be able to meet up again and to enjoy each other’s company as well as the top class production from Illyria. Many told me that it was their first outing together since March. The Blackpool Irish folk band played for 25 minutes before the play and created a brilliant atmosphere.”

Helen Booth who headed the meet and greet team of volunteers was impressed by the helpfulness of the audience.

“At both the performances everyone was courteous and more than willing to keep their distance. Visibility and audibility was first class and the whole atmosphere was relaxed. Illyria put on a real five star show. ”

Rachel O’Keating from Illyria who played Ratty praised the responsiveness of the Lytham audiences.

“The children liked the high-energy physical comedy in the show and the adults appreciated the quick fire doubling up of the cast to provide a full range of characters, including Weasel who was a Boris Johnson lookalike. The whole day was a pleasure for us.”

Illyria will be back at Lytham Hall next summer with three shows in a full five-play season which will include Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore.

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