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The Reviews are in for Alibab and the forty thieves at lytham Hall


Illyria brought the open air theatre season at Lytham Hall to a triumphant close on a glorious summer afternoon with an ensemble performance full of energy and wit.

An ingenious swivelling set shows the audience both the outside and the inside of the cave and the five strong cast double up swiftly and comically, especially when Ali Baba vanquishes every one of the numbered thieves in turn.

Beau Jeavons-White, an elegant speaker, always commands attention as the Robber King, whilst Illyria newcomers Isabella Hayward and Sophia Lorenti gossip wonderfully and sing tunefully as Julnar and Al Datma.

The very many littlies, on rugs right at the front, love the spectacular swordplay and Ben Wiles’ music contributes to creating a suitably Arabian atmosphere.

Nathan Tuner as Ali Baba’s brother Kasim works the audience beautifully whilst failing to remember the word Sesame and Christian Reid in the title role brings vigour and power to every line.

Illyria’s family show has become an August institution in ten years of outdoor theatre at Lytham Hall and once again Illyria’s artistic director Oliver Gray uses many of the tricks of the theatrical trade to provide a rich diet of entertainment for young and old alike.

Toby Stirling

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