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Repairs underway

When vandals caused damage to our beloved Lytham Hall, staff and volunteers were temporarily in the doldrums when faced with the mindless vandalism. Using the Hall windows for target practice, over ten glass panes had been shattered by golf balls. Visitors to the Hall have been looking at shuttered windows in the meantime.

The damage also affected the Hall’s pride and joy, the Gold Room. This room showcases hand-painted 18th century wallpaper, restored gold leaf wallpaper and Gillow of Lancaster mirrors. The room is widely known locally as one of the loveliest places to get married, offering an intimate setting for 60 guests.

It was clear, with weddings on the horizon, there was no time to waste in getting the windows of this room fixed so that all shutters can be open and guests can enjoy the dual aspect as light floods in from the east side and the south side.

Brides and grooms can breathe easily once more, as work has commenced this week to make right the damage. Thanks to Ken Woodcock of Tower Glass Lytham we have received glass panes and our own volunteers Barrie Turner and Reg Jose will do the fitting, under the watchful eye of Austin Grady, Heritage Trust for the North West’s Building Team manager.

In the meantime, it’s busier than ever at Lytham Hall in the ever popular tea room and with its host of events. As you are enjoying the theatre or the vintage buses this month, we urge you to continue your support for Lytham Hall.

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