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Plays and picnics in the park in prospect

Prospects for picnickers at this summer’s outdoor plays at Lytham Hall are looking bright thanks to the hard work of a special squad of volunteers.

Throughout the winter months the north lawn at Lytham Hall has benefitted from the care and attention of a willing posse of workers, organised by Sue Lowe, coordinator of Volunteers at the Hall.

Julian Wilde, organiser of the four play outdoor season, feels that the pay-off for the team’s efforts will come at the summer performances.

“By raking up all the leaves and debris from the lawn the volunteers have given the grass every chance to grow quickly and thickly now that the warmer days are here.

It’s not the world’s most appealing task, but the teams have got stuck in and did a superb job. The spring sunshine is now helping the lawn to dry out and it should be in excellent condition for those who come with a picnic before the plays.”

The open air theatre season will begin with a visit from Chapterhouse Theatre Company who will present Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations on Sunday 11 June. This will be followed by three shows from Illyria – The Lost World on July 9, The Mikado on August 20 and The Emperor’s New Clothes on Bank Holiday Sunday afternoon August 27.

Sue Lowe praised the efforts of all the volunteers who give their time for the benefit of Lytham Hall every single day of the week.

"Whatever the Volunteers are asked to do, they respond with great enthusiasm. We pride ourselves on giving outdoor theatre-goers a very special experience and the beautiful lawn and majestic trees surrounding the stage are an integral part of that. So this work was both timely and important.”

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