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W. Robinson & Son's donation

If you have visited the area behind our thriving tea room in the past few months, you will have noticed a lot of work going on in the creation of our kitchen garden. We were lucky enough to receive £10,000 in 2016 from Tesco bags of Help fund to bring these plans to fruition.

The entire scheme has been built by volunteers, who have transformed the area between Paradise wall and apiary. There are 18 beds now nearly ready for planting, after some deep digging and removal of roots, there are five car parking places for disabled visitors and soon we will have bicycle parking too.

We have been recruiting volunteers for the past few weeks, and they are set to start work on planting and maintenance soon.

In the meantime we have been looking for businesses who could donate seeds, and we were delighted to receive seed potatoes and seeds from W. Robinson & Son Seeds. The broad beans are already growing off site, and will soon make their way.

The vegetables and herbs that we'll grow in the kitchen garden will be used in the tea room.

So thank you Tesco, thank you W. Robinson & Son Seeds and thank you to our volunteers, for their tireless work in making this plan become a reality. We will keep you posted when the garden will officially open.

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