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50,000 volunteer hours given

Lytham Hall has come to the end of a busy summer season where we hosted many outdoor events we hope you were able to enjoy. From Mega Mini Meet to Lytham Club Day, from outdoor theatre to cinema, plant fair, classic car show and Horseman’s Sunday. All of these events were made possible by the unstinting support of our 130 volunteers, who work tirelessly at the gatehouse, in the tea room, in the Hall and in the grounds.

Heritage Open Day on Sunday 11 September was a case in point. We opened the buildings in the parkland free of charge. In the gardener’s cottage visitors could see photos of the changes brought about in the past three years: paths created, trees cleared, steps up the Mount laid, and so on. The privy was accessible to have a closer look through the Friends of Lytham Hall, and the dovecote was also open, which enabled people to look at the 850 nest boxes inside. The piggeries were spruced up and looking smart, the gatehouse was open with information about the railways coming to Lytham. The stables were accessible by guided tour, in which visitors learned about the Clifton family’s obsession with race horses. The day offered a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes, and it saw over 20 volunteers involved.

At the end of Heritage Open Day, more volunteers gathered in a Jacob’s Join meal, where we were able to say thank you. We say thank you a lot to our volunteers, because not a day goes by where we are without volunteer help. Without their tireless assistance, Lytham Hall would struggle to keep its doors open.

Simon Thorpe, project manager at Lytham Hall said: “We were grateful for the opportunity to say thank you by means of a cake, for over 50,000 volunteer hours committed to Lytham Hall in the past three years. And thank you to all our visitors, for your continuous support. We need it now more than ever before.” The cake was made by member of staff Elizabeth Watson and was widely applauded and enjoyed.

If you would like to join Lytham Hall’s volunteer force, please get in touch with the estate office or look at our volunteering page.

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