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Getting down and dirty at Lytham Hall

One of our grounds volunteers Sue Lowe wrote this for the Friends of Lytham Hall newsletter and we thought we would like to share it with you all!

"Little did I know when I volunteered to help with an archaeological dig for 6 weeks in the summer of 2013, how much Lytham Hall would become part of my life. When the dig ended I was introduced to John Hornyak who said they were forming a group of volunteers to help restore the grounds, at that time there were only about 10 of us.

Since then I have become involved with the groundwork, which could be anything from bonfires, moving wood, bramble clearing, the new extreme sport…rhodi-bashing and moving yet more wood. The “Garden Girls” do proper gardening too. My love of photography has also led to my being asked to keep a record of the restoration, like a long time lapse, with repeated photos from the same fixed points. Before Christmas a group of us, led by Linda Salter, created decorations made from wood from the grounds, which we sold to raise money for the restoration -no end to our talents!

I tend to steer clear of the really heavy work-but there is something for everyone –we all have different skills, including pyromania and bodging/fettling (and no end of jobs to do either!) It doesn’t do to be too fashion conscious as we look like a motley collection of tramps when at work-the new “Lytham Hall” Hi-viz jackets help. At least nobody now thinks we are doing community payback. There are some fantastic people working here and we are a great team. I have made many new friends. It’s great to receive so much praise from visitors on the outside progress so far.

All round personal benefits have been better fitness, camaraderie, the pleasure of seeing the results of your labours and being part of a unique restoration project and knowing you helped to do it. (Oh-did I mention the free tea and biscuits?)"

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