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BAE workers help out at Lytham Hall

A team of Fylde plane makers came down to earth for a special mission at Lytham Hall on the 23rd March.

The group of 15 British Aerospace staff from Warton - more used to working on military jets - took time out to volunteer their valuable time for some outdoor gardening graft.

It was all part of a team-building exercise for the BAE workers, who were more than happy to help out with some heavy toil in the Hall grounds.

The hall’s volunteer, John Hornyak led the group on a day-long task to re-plant hundreds of snowdrops in the grounds. This work will hopefully encourage more snowdrops to grow in years to come.

The BAE members also helped to work out how many snowdrops currently grow at the hall and how many might be seen in impressive displays by thousands of hall visitors in the future.

Sharon Scott, HR Manager, BAE said, “The day has been a huge success and everyone has really enjoyed it.”

Historically, BAE have helped and supported the hall over the years’ including giving a huge donation of £1million in 1997 to enable Lytham Town Trust to buy and save the hall for future generations.

Hall Volunteer and Training Co-ordinator Amy Hannan said: “We are very grateful for the BAE team-building efforts. The snowdrops are extremely popular and it will be fantastic if there can be even more growing in future years.

“There are so many improvements taking place in the grounds including adding more paths and clearing very overgrown areas and this BAE work really helped with the overall plan.”

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