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250th birthday party: 7 September

To celebrate our 250th birthday party we would like to invite everybody to join us for a free visit on Sunday 7 September. From 12pm we have 250 cream teas and balloons to give away to the first 250 visitors, there will be poetry from the Fylde poets (who will even read some of Harry Clifton’s poetry) and music from April Keen in the house and in the parkland there will be guided tours and children’s games, plus have-a-go archery in the Upper West Wing. Lytham Hall 1764 Ale will be on sale, courtesy of Lytham Brewery.

It was in 1764 that John Carr of York finished the new Georgian Hall for Thomas Clifton. It had been 12 years in the making and meant a newly fashioned red brick house, which was put in front the older Jacobean Hall. Carr adapted the older hall to be used as servants’ quarters, whilst the modern red brick showed the family principal display rooms on the ground floor and the family’s private bedrooms on the floors above. No upstairs, downstairs at Lytham Hall, but front and back.

Come and enjoy a look around the Hall and the parkland and celebrate with us, Sunday 7 September between 12.00pm and 4.00pm!

If you were thinking about a present for our 250th birthday, we are looking for funds to help us achieve the following. On your donation, please indicate which item you would like your funds to go towards.

1. Perennials to brighten up the gatehouse and courtyard (from £3)

2. Conservation tools (range from £5 to £150 - brushes, cloths, polishes,

vacuum cleaner)

3. New crockery for our Tea Room (individual items £5 – full set £800)

4. Various tools and machinery for the Grounds Volunteers (range from £5 to

£2,000 – strimmers etc)

5. 30 hard hats for hard hat tours (£6 each)

6. Umbrellas with Lytham Hall logo for visitors to borrow on outdoor tours (£15


7. Espalier Fruit Trees for the Prospect Brick Wall (£30 each)

8. Printing of banners to help market our 2015 events (£30 each)

9. Club chairs (£150 each) and sofa (£250) for the Tea Room

10. Outdoor seats and tables to make more use of the green outside the tea

room. (£200 per set)

11. Design and printing of an information booklet for visitors to the Parkland


12. 2 Commercial dehumidifiers (£400 each)

13. LCD Projector (£400)

14. A computer and scanner for our Archive Volunteers to enable us to digitize documents and photographs (£900)

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