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Restoration update

Question? How many consultants does it take to restore a Grade I listed building?

Answer: quite a few but we’re pleased to see them. Last week we sat down with our conservation architects, cost consultants, structural consultant, and mechanical and electrical consultants, to review the plans for the restoration of the building. We are fortunate to be working with leading conservation architects Purcell UK and have recently brought in a team from the Liverpool office of White Young Green as cost consultants. This team recently worked together on the Florence Institute for Boys (the “Florrie”) and have a strong track record together.

In fact we didn’t sit down all day, we had use of a cherry picker to go up and inspect the upper levels in more detail. Good conservation practice starts with achieving a sound weather-proof exterior. The cherry picker enabled us to take a closer look at the condition of the stonework, cornice, guttering, chimneys and slate covering. It wasn’t all bad news as the roof covering is fairly sound although it will still have to be stripped to install felting and insulation. Just as in your home, it’s important to insulate before investing in new heating systems to save money over the long term. When you look closely you notice the plethora of cables and soil pipes on the exterior of the building which detract from its beautiful Georgian detailing. Our consultants will be planning how to redesign the services to reduce and remove these unsightly recent additions.

The design team were really pleased to be back on site after a few years absence and it’s given us a buzz of excitement about the future too.

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