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The prospect of the most challenging role of her career is exciting a young actress preparing for the summer’s first outdoor play at Lytham Hall.

Emily-Rose Hurdiss will play the role of Catherine Earnshaw as Chapterhouse Theatre Company begin a nationwide tour with their performance of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights on Sunday June 12.

Emily-Rose who graduated from Bath Spa University with an Honours Degree in Acting is relishing the challenge of taking on such a major role, first memorably portrayed on film by Merle Oberon, playing opposite Laurence Olivier,

“Catherine is an exceptionally complex character. She is free-spirited and beautiful, but she can also be spiteful, arrogant and childish. The challenge for me is to convey all of those sides of her personality on stage, both with and without words,” she said.

Emily-Rose is looking forward also to playing in the superb setting Lytham Hall offers for outdoor performances.

“This will be my first visit to Lytham Hall which is one of Chapterhouse’s favourite venues. The audience is always large and knowledgeable and the acoustics are superb which will give us confidence at the start of our summer tour.”

The Chapterhouse cast of eight will come to Lytham Hall at the start of a summer tour which encompasses 61 performances throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland over 86 days.

Emily-Rose feels that all is set fair for a successful summer.

“Four weeks of rehearsals at our Lincoln base are proving both enjoyable and demanding. It’s a wonderful adaptation for the stage by Laura Turner and I’m raring to go now. I have bought a new and stylish pair of wellingtons just in case…. but that’s one thing I hope you won’t see at Lytham Hall! ”

Further details and tickets at phone 01 253 736652 or

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