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Augustus Wykeham Clifton

We’d like to highlight Augustus Wykeham Clifton, the uncle of John Talbot Clifton, who was a very popular figure in Lytham until his death in May 1915. Here’s a snippet of what the newspaper said on his death.

"Mr Clifton manifested much interest in local events. To the general public he was most familiar by his crowning of the Rose Queens at Lytham. Every one of Lytham’s Rose Queens since that pretty allegory was instituted in 1894 had been crowned by him. His tall, commanding figure-scarcely bent despite the weight of his four score years- his venerable appearance and the geniality of a disposition, bright with the sunshine of good humour, won him such public esteem and regard that he was called the “Grand old Man of Lytham.”

Asked for the secret of his perennial youth, some time ago, Mr Clifton said: “Well, I can hardly say. My habits are good and regular, but I have had a strong constitution, and I never have had any inclinations to eat or drink much. In fact, I think I eat below the average. I’m a great smoker, and always have been. I smoke nearly all day long just like a furnace. I wake up about 7-30, have a cup of cocoa or coffee and a pipe in bed. Then I have a hot bath – as hot as I can possibly bear it, and a good hearty breakfast of anything I can fancy-bacon and eggs or ham. Then I sometimes go for a walk to Lytham, or go shooting, and at 1-30 have a light luncheon – sometimes only a biscuit. During the afternoon I have a cup of tea, and knock about a little. I have a good hearty dinner at 7pm, and retire to bed at 10-30. I never drink anything but water after dinner.”

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