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Spring at Lytham Hall

Spring has most definitely sprung here at Lytham Hall, the days are longer and getting warmer and we’ve seen the first picnickers on the lawn. The daffodils are receding and the blooms of bluebells and celandines are filling the woodland with fresh vibrant colour of the new growth of the season. Tree felling in the grounds has halted during bird nesting and we are moving on to other maintenance duties.

It's not just the flora of the grounds that are feeling the effects of spring, the fauna is too with our woodland full of the sound of birdsong and our regular grey heron now paired up and establishing a nest site for the first time. The grey heron is a distinctive bird that sits at between 90 cm-100 cm high, with long legs and neck perfectly designed for wading at the waters edge. They are often seen standing utterly motionless next to our ponds, waiting patiently for fish to swim near enough to catch.

This year we have several heron nests in the parkland near the Lily Pond so please be cautious of not disturbing them on your walk.

They nest high in the trees on a platform built of sticks and if successful they will use the same site year on year. So keep your eyes peeled and fingers crossed as each brood can be of up to 4 or 5 eggs and that next spring we can bring you news of our herons for years to come.

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