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Vandals at work

Thursday morning 13 August the parkland volunteers of Lytham Hall returned to pick up their tools and continue their work looking after the parkland of Lytham Hall. To their astonishment they found one of the recently installed urns brutally pushed over and broken, with the plants languishing next to it. In the vicinity were empty beer cans and a pair of socks.

In recent months the parkland has welcomed a host of families and walkers, who have enjoyed spending time in the sun. Many commented on the fabulous work the volunteers had been doing, and the changes they are making to the parkland. They put in effort, every week, for the sheer joy of seeing a difference. They were especially proud of the Paradise Garden (the historic name of the area), and had worked hard to put the urns back into place. This act of vandalism has left them feeling appalled and unvalued.

Marianne Blaauboer, Activity Plan Officer at Lytham Hall said “We have contacted the police to report this act of vandalism and the cost which it will involve. The urns were not cheap to get, and as a charity Heritage Trust for the North West, who manages Lytham Hall, need to be very careful in their spending. This sets back the work a little.

But what may be even worse, is the gloom which came over our volunteers today, when confronted with such disrespect for an area which we all love and care about. The gates are closed overnight and this is private terrain. It can actually be quite dangerous to be here outside opening hours as we do exercise pest control on site. We do hope the people involved will grow a conscience and stop damaging this beautiful place.”

Coming off the back of the stolen fairy door in the parkland a month ago, it would seem there are some people about who treat this private property like their own. Please keep a look out and report any activity which looks untoward.

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