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Fairytale trail

The beautiful weather in Lytham on Bank Holiday Monday brought out the crowds, and the Fairytale Trail at Lytham Hall organised by volunteers in aid of Brian House Children’s Hospice was an incredible hit. The organisers and ourselves were overwhelmed at the number of families who turned out to support such a fantastic cause, and within an hour of opening Lytham Hall was full to bursting. At around 12.30pm we took the decision in conjunction with the Police to close the event for public safety as our capacity had been reached. We are really sorry to all those princesses and their families who were unable to get into the event, but we are also delighted that so much was raised for Brian House Children's Hospice. Project Manager Simon Thorpe said: "We understand that there was some traffic congestion in Lytham and in future we will liaise more closely with the Police to try to mitigate this, and we'll be speaking with the Borough Council to look at parking and signage. We also know that businesses in Lytham including our neighbours Park View had a very successful day, in part by the crowds attracted to the Fairytale Trail going elsewhere in town." Once again, than you to all who came and put up with the queues in support of Brian House Children’s Hospice. The popularity of the event has inspired us and after some consideration and careful planning, we hope to put similar events on again.

Emma, the organiser of the event, generated a fantastic £2439 for Brian House Children’s Hospice. She said: “Thank you to the overwhelming support on such a gorgeous sunny day. I'd like to thank Lytham Hall for their help and support on the day and I hope to see everyone at the next event. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who helped to make it a special day for many many people.”

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