Saturday 21st september 2019  10.15am

 £35 per Adult ticket

Next Workshop with Brenda Ward

Saturday 22 November 2020 10.30am-1.30pm


Let me show you how Yoga can help to support your health and keep your energy up during the colder months!

We all know that winter can aggravate conditions that weaken our immune system making us vulnerable to colds and flu. It’s, therefore, even more important than ever to take good care of our health at this time of year.  


As stress is one of the immune system's worst enemies, the morning will begin with an extremely soothing BREATHING practice.  This will be followed by a carefully-designed practice focusing on the HEART-OPENING POSES of Yoga.  These poses are believed to stimulate blood flow to the thymus - an important gland in the immune system's frontline.


I will then demonstrate the practice of NETI, a traditional cleansing practice that helps the body to clear excess mucus and viruses, and advise you on some simple DIETARY modifications you can make to supercharge your immune system.


Following a short pause for a warming TEA-BREAK, we will then sit quietly for a 10-minute MEDITATION that can be practised at home throughout the winter to help your body fight infection. The workshop closes with a deliciously-long YOGA NIDRA or Yoga sleep.  


You will leave the workshop feeling both refreshed and fortified!


The details

  • Upper West Wing, Lytham Hall, Lytham, Lancashire.

  • Saturday 22nd February 2020 from 10.30am to 1.30pm (doors open at 10).

  • All levels welcome although not suitable for pregnant women.

  • Please bring a Yoga mat, block, blanket and still water. 

  • Free car parking is available at Lytham Hall.  

  • Limited availability so early booking is highly recommended.

How to book

Tickets are £35, payable in advance.  Please contact Brenda on 07714 419785 or at to book your place and/or for further information. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of these workshops, payments are non-refundable. 


About Brenda


I have been a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher since 2004 but have practised Yoga almost my entire adult life. In addition to workshops, I run classes, teaching courses and retreats in the UK and Italy. You will, therefore, be in extremely safe and experienced hands and I will be able to give you modifications and offer you alternatives where necessary. For more information, please visit my website at




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