Lytham Hall flooded

We were hoping to be able to welcome you all on New Year's Day in our renewed tea room. However, this is the state of drive: completely flooded and impassable to cars and pedestrians. We hope to re-open on Monday 4 January. Apologies to scupper any new year walk plans. Happy new year to all! #flood

John Talbot in Siberia

This photo shows John Talbot Clifton in Siberia. He is the third person along, sitting on the dog sled. In his diary, he wrote at the end of December 1901: “Had an interesting talk with a man who was chewed up by a bear a year ago. (…) At supper the most remarkable event of the evening. All the men supped in one room, the ladies in another, that for barbarism, fairly takes the bun. However the loss of females was made up by a very good feed in which I managed as well. Much food: to drink much porter. Heard that Hertz has got the mammoth. It is entire with food inside it still. Was asked last night to dine with Muller and his wife. She was a ballet dancer having had an intrigue with a grand



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