Getting down and dirty at Lytham Hall

One of our grounds volunteers Sue Lowe wrote this for the Friends of Lytham Hall newsletter and we thought we would like to share it with you all! "Little did I know when I volunteered to help with an archaeological dig for 6 weeks in the summer of 2013, how much Lytham Hall would become part of my life. When the dig ended I was introduced to John Hornyak who said they were forming a group of volunteers to help restore the grounds, at that time there were only about 10 of us. Since then I have become involved with the groundwork, which could be anything from bonfires, moving wood, bramble clearing, the new extreme sport…rhodi-bashing and moving yet more wood. The “Garden Girls” do proper gar

BAE workers help out at Lytham Hall

A team of Fylde plane makers came down to earth for a special mission at Lytham Hall on the 23rd March. The group of 15 British Aerospace staff from Warton - more used to working on military jets - took time out to volunteer their valuable time for some outdoor gardening graft. It was all part of a team-building exercise for the BAE workers, who were more than happy to help out with some heavy toil in the Hall grounds. The hall’s volunteer, John Hornyak led the group on a day-long task to re-plant hundreds of snowdrops in the grounds. This work will hopefully encourage more snowdrops to grow in years to come. The BAE members also helped to work out how many snowdrops currently grow at the ha

The Fairytale Trail is set to raise the roof!

Local fundraiser Emma Cox has come up with another exciting idea to raise funds for Brian House Children's Hospice on the Fylde Coast. The Fairytale Trail is taking place at Lytham Hall on Bank holiday Monday 4th May and is expected to be enjoyed by over 1,500 local children. Emma, who organises the annual Tinkerbell Ball at The Grand Hotel, St Annes has raised over £15,000 for the hospice and this year wanted to hold an event that children could attend and enjoy. "The Tinkerbell Ball has been well attended every year, but this year I wanted an event that children would enjoy. Over 750 parents on Facebook have confirmed they are attending the event, and we are really excited!", Emma add

A special evening of support

On Thursday evening 16 April a special evening to generate support was held by the Friends of Lytham Hall in the run up to this year’s Masked Ball. Simon Thorpe, project manager for Lytham Hall management charity Heritage Trust for the North West, explained the current state of the restoration plans, and showed some of the areas which will be tackled, whilst long-term volunteer Beth Wilson gave a historic tour of the Hall. Pamela Greenhill, Friends of Lytham Hall spokesperson, presented Heritage Trust for the North West with a cheque for £10,000. This was the result of last year’s Masked Ball fantastic fundraising effort. Pam said “I believe the evening was a great success. The people who ca



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