Snowdrop season has started with the busiest first week in years. The mild winter, followed by a brief cold spell, has made the snowdrops come up quite early, and then halted them. This means that when you walk around, you will see some fully out in bloom, some out but still closed, and others just coming up through the soil. The first Sunday had decent weather and enticed lots of people to come for a stroll. Here are some photographs of the day! Thank you all for visiting, it brings us some much needed funds to look after the Hall. #snowdrops

Short film and wedding fair - an exciting Sunday

We had a busy and diverse Sunday just before the snowdrop season starts. It started early, with the crew arriving for the shooting of a short film both inside and outside the Hall. The director/producer was local Stephen Gallacher, who brought in many of his contacts to shoot the film on a small budget, including his former drama teacher at Kirkham Grammar Stephanie Heney and family dog Bob. The concept was short and imaginative and many extras were asked to attend for the street scene. We were mostly lucky with the weather; it could have easily hailed on us. We are looking forward to seeing the finished product and were very impressed with the professionalism of everybody involved. In the a

Cherry on top

We hired a cherry picker this week, to allow our architects to have a closer look at the gutters, roof and windows to prepare the specification for the external repairs. There are around 60 sash windows which need to be overhauled, which will include some new windows to be made off-site. We hope to have a contractor appointed to do this phase of the restoration by Easter and have the work carried out over this summer making the most of good weather. The contract should take 6 months. Of course this does mean some interruption on site, not least by having scaffold erected around the building and within our courtyard and plans are being prepared to enable us to carry on business as usual. We d

Sleigh accident in 1892

In tidying the office we came across an account of an early traffic accident, involving John Talbot Clifton and his sleigh in January 1892, as written down by the Lytham Times. We know he wasn’t the most careful of drivers, but this one seems to be just a matter of bad luck. Alarming sleigh accident at Lytham Narrow escape of Dr. Fisher and others A genuine chapter of accidents happened at Lytham on Tuesday last, the facts are as follows:- About half-past twelve on Tuesday morning Mr. Clifton, Miss Christine Fisher, and Mr. Charles Atkinson, of Singleton, were driving near Warton in a sleigh belonging to Mr. Clifton, when, as the bridge near the Green Drive was being crossed, the sleigh from



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