Christmas in Siberia, 1901

John Talbot Clifton, Lytham Hall squire, was quite the traveller and in 1901 he even made it as far as Siberia. There is a photograph we’d like to share with you which is in keeping with the season, with a real reindeer pulled sled! The photograph doesn’t show any red noses, so we can’t be sure if Rudolph is among the reindeer and we are sure John Talbot Clifton was no Santa Claus. Here’s his diary entry for Christmas Day: “Gave a dinner I should think the most original of its kind ever given in Siberia … the first course was bear soup from the bear I had shot followed by the sheep I shot in the mountains & which had fallen over a precipice 900ft then a young capercaillie I brought from Virk

Mount steps

Over the past twelve months, the South Prospect garden has undergone a transformation. Gone are the self-seeded trees, and gone is the Diana car park (Diana herself having left earlier, after cars had bumped into her once too often). These have been replaced with new paths and a parterre, and in time a wild flower meadow will be encouraged. The Mount underwent similar treatment: gone are the trees and the scars in the side of the slope, and a spiral path has been put back in place to get to a fantastic view point, as it was at the time of the Clifton family. The steps of the path were then put in place by our own team of “Mounties” volunteers. There are 64 steps and the final one was hammere

Historic Apple Tree planting at Lytham Hall begins new era of progress

The start of a new era of tree planting was celebrated at Lytham Hall on Saturday 6 December. The trees had been donated by Phil Rainford, a member of the Northern Fruit Group. Phil gave an excellent talk on Historic Apples of the North to the Ground and Garden Volunteers before presenting three trees which were planted against the Buttress Wall in the South Prospect Garden. The varieties represent the start of a much larger Historic Orchard and Fruit collection which will be planted along the wall, in order of the century in which they originated. Ruth Thurnhill from Lancashire Gardens Trust attended to highlight the history of the Lytham Hall parkland. John Miller, Chief Executive of Herit



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