Sandra Allen one of our most treasured volunteers

Lytham Hall Published by Jane Oliver · 5 mins · It is with deep regret, we inform the sad demise of Sandra Allen one of our most treasured and long serving volunteers at Lytham Hall. ‘When Sandra Allen arrived in Lytham in 1969, she quickly became one of the Lytham ladies. She had recently married Bob Allen, son of Rev. AR Allen of St John’s in Lytham, and joined him in his life in the town. Bob was working for the Clifton family at Lytham Hall and Sandra spent quite some time learning from him about the history and geography of the area. It was said by many that she soon surpassed the local’s knowledge of the town and her desire to know more bloomed into a long connection with the heritage

A funny play that deals with serious issues

That’s the take on Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice from producer Oliver Gray whose open air theatre company Illyria will bring the second play of the summer to Lytham Hall on Sunday July 8. After four weeks of rehearsals the cast of five who will play 17 roles between them opened at Falmouth in Cornwall at the start of a tour which will see them give 47 performances in 86 days all over the UK and Holland. “The Merchant of Venice is a great courtroom drama, said Oliver, “and it is by turns gripping, funny, romantic and thought provoking, about the keeping of promises in particular”. David Sayers will play Shylock in a cast which includes Beau Jeavons-White and Katy Helps who have both wo

Little Women draws record crowd

The opening play of the expanded outdoor 2018 season at Lytham Hall last Sunday evening brought warm tributes to the cast from a bumper audience, as Chapterhouse Theatre Company presented Laura Turner’s adaptation of Little Women to an audience approaching 400. Ticket sales were up by 50 per cent for the opening performance of the summer with 60 members of local Women’s Institute Groups and Fylde Soroptimists enjoying afternoon tea before the show. Julian Wilde, organiser of the Lytham Hall season, felt that the Lytham audience had responded sympathetically to the third show of Chapterhouse’s three month nationwide tour. “The cast clearly enjoyed visiting Lytham Hall and used microphones aga

Lytham, here we come!

That’s the message from the cast of Chapterhouse Theatre Company’s Little Women who will open the Lytham Hall outdoor season next Sunday 17 June The show in Lytham will be one of five performances in 240 hours as the company zig zag from Scotland to Cornwall and from Somerset to Northern Ireland. The eight strong cast will travel 1250 miles in this first part of their three month summer tour and the Lytham Hall show will be just the third of 61 performances in 86 days. The opening night at Guisborough Forest last Friday was well received by the Yorkshire audience. Julian Wilde, organiser of the open air season which this year has 24 Patrons from the Lytham business community feels that Chapt

Meet Julia and her team at our Outdoor Theatre productions

The skills of the young volunteers who form the meet and greet team for the Lytham Hall open air plays have been warmly praised as pivotal to the success of the events. The new season opens on Sunday 17 June with Louisa Alcott's Little Women. Julia Munro, 19, from Lytham and her friends have the task of welcoming the audience arriving for the open air shows on Lytham Hall’s north lawn. Meg Hargreaves from the Friends of Lytham Hall believes that the approach of the unpaid young meet and greet team is just right. “They are particularly skilled at making newcomers feel at home and creating a very personal and warm atmosphere amongst the audience. The two hours before the play starts are always

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