The Mikado at Lytham Hall

A love of Lytham and of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular operetta has been instrumental in international singing star Lesley Garrett lending her support to the production of The Mikado by Illyria which comes to Lytham Hall in August. Lesley Garrett began her career and made her name in Sir Jonathan Miller’s acclaimed production of The Mikado in 1984 for English National Opera where she played the role of Yum Yum (centre) in a cast which included Monty Python’s Eric Idle as Koko. Thirty years on Lesley appeared at the very first Lytham Proms Festival in 2010 before topping the bill five years later. Her affinity with Lytham and The Mikado is clear from the special message written for the

Tickets on sale for The Mikado

A record attendance is expected at Lytham Hall in August for the third open air play of the 2017 season. Illyria will present Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular operetta The Mikado on Sunday 20 August at 6.00 and will come to Lytham Hall as part of their two month summer tour which opened at Chepstow Castle on July 21. Julian Wilde, organiser of the open air season, attributes the pleasing level of advance bookings for The Mikado from theatregoers all over Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside to the quality of the music in the show. “130 years ago Gilbert and Sullivan were the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice of the day, producing a succession of eagerly anticipated hit shows. The


In the past weeks Lytham Hall has been suffering from a spate of vandalism, which is growing in intensity. It started with bins thrown over, signs wrecked, the scarecrows in the newly established kitchen garden decapitated and landscape features damaged, but more recently Hall officials came to find their East lawn was used as a driving range, with the hall’s historic windows used for target practice. Around 100 balls were picked up from the lawn, and several had made their way into the house, destroying over 10 window panes in the process. Marianne Blaauboer, activity plan officer at Lytham Hall, was close to tears on discovery of the mindless destruction. She said: “To think that this lawn

The Lost World review

Outdoor theatre fans were treated to a stunning display of inventiveness and charm as prehistoric animals and Edwardian adventurers were brought convincingly – and quirkily – to life. The ingenuity displayed by Illyria was immediately evident, as just six actors (who between them took on all roles) and some simple props conveyed Arthur Conan Doyle’s epic 1912 adventure of dinosaur exploration. The dinosaurs were, like everything else, simply done with imagination and humour. Pterodactyls were formed from umbrellas and a pair of tongs, but with these skilled handlers they lived and breathed. The archaic and stilted dialogue took the audience, already ensconced with picnic baskets, tables and

News report - The Lost World

The lure of a giant dinosaur and the best possible summer conditions drew playgoers in their hundreds to Lytham Hall on Sunday for the second play of the open air season. Illyria brought their production of Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World to Lytham Hall on the third date of their two month summer tour which will visit 47 venues from Inverness to Penzance. With £1000 worth of tickets being sold at the gate, many of the audience of 350, revelling in superb weather, picnicked before the performance. The Mayor and Mayoress of the Fylde, Councillor John Singleton and his wife Geraldine, were special guests for the show. A sunny, warm and still evening was ideal for company manager Nick Taylor

Tidying up at Lytham Hall

An estimated 40,000 people annually use Lytham Hall’s parkland and many of these visitors are dog walkers. Would you believe that in 2014 there was only a single bin available, resulting unfortunately in quite a few people leaving their dog poo bags hanging from trees, for our volunteers to find as they were maintaining our parkland. In 2015 we received a donation of three 70 litre bins, which were placed near the tea room, and at both car parks. But our visitor numbers kept growing and soon these weren’t enough anymore – especially after a glorious weekend with picnickers visiting. As a charity that opens the parkland six days a week free of charge, there simply isn’t the income to afford i

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